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A vital partnership

The Satyagraha provides our corporate partners with unique opportunities to demonstrate your company’s values and commitment to humanitarian relief and development while helping rebuild the lives of those affected by conflict and disaster. When you partner with the Satyagraha, we work with you to design a custom program to effectively engage your company and employees..

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A plan of action designed to achieve an overall aim.

The Satyagraha Foundation of India’s staff leadership board and senior leaders group manage the strategy and implementation
of the Satyagraha’s humanitarian work worldwide.
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To be associated with the Satyagraha is to be associated with one of the world’s most respected humanitarian Organization. The Satyagraha is known for its effective programming and cost efficiency in more than 14 countries and in 13 Indian States.
The Satyagraha is a 35AC 1&2 80G tax-exempt organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for your company’s interest in supporting the work of the Satyagraha. There are many ways you can get involved with us. You can:
Respond to a natural disaster or other humanitarian crisis. Contact us to learn how.
Engage your employees with a workplace giving campaign
Design a cause marketing campaign
Support a Satyagraha event
Provide volunteer opportunities for employees in the India

The Corporate Rescue Partners is an active community of diverse businesses united in their desire to be part of the most effective responses to an array of disasters—from headline-grabbing natural catastrophes, to the less talked-about though no-less devastating emergencies. Partners receive access to emergency field reports, enhanced opportunities to engage employees, and easy ways to provide pre-positioned emergency support or respond to a crisis.
Benefits to Corporate Rescue Partners include:
Exclusive information and communication.
Corporate Rescue Partners are updated on existing and potential emergency situations around the world.
Employee Engagement.
In the wake of a disaster, the Satyagraha provides a tailored microsite that makes it simple for employees to donate and feel connected to a common cause.
Updates from the field. The Satyagraha offers our Corporate Rescue Partners updates from the field and inspiring stories of rescue made possible by their support.

The Satyagraha has 13 regional offices in cities across the Indian States where we help refugees resettle in the INDIA. and become self-sufficient. Partnerships with corporations are critical to the success of our Indian offices, ensuring that our staff has the support they need to bring new arrivals from harm to home.

The Satyagraha Foundation of India provides our foundation partners with unique opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to humanitarian relief.

Corporate partnerships with impact
The Satyagraha partners with select corporations in the India and around the globe to support the world’s most vulnerable people through engagement opportunities including workplace giving, volunteer days, and cause-marketing campaigns
The Satyagraha Foundation of India partners with select corporations in the India and around the globe to improve safety, health, education, economic security, and self-determination measures for the world’s most vulnerable people. We work closely with our partners to create meaningful and multifaceted engagement opportunities including workplace giving, volunteer days, and cause-marketing campaigns—which best align with our partners’ strategic priorities to achieve our unified goals.